Burden of Lung Disease 2005
The project was undertaken to commemorate the 10th and 20th anniversaries of the Hong Kong Lung Foundation and Hong Kong Thoracic Society respectively. It furnishes important data on the pattern of death and health care utilization of a spectrum of respiratory diseases, through a snapshot analysis in 2005, hitherto unavailable in Hong Kong. The avalanche of statistics rings an alarm - respiratory diseases surpass cardiovascular diseases as the number one killer in Hong Kong, as well as in the number of related hospital admissions.

A press conference, featuring highlights of the project, was held: The looming threat of respiratory diseases, as a ticking time bomb on our health care system, calls for recommitment in tobacco control, smoking cessation campaigns, stringent air quality measures and training of respiratory specialists from all relevant stakeholders, not least our health care providers and government, to prevent it from wreaking more havoc.

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