HKLF Sino-Exchange Scholarship
Principle of Award

The Purposes of the Award are:
  1. Encourage doctors in Mainland China to undertake academic & professional exchange in Hong Kong, which would result in mutual benefits towards the understanding or delivery of Respiratory or related care in Mainland China.
  2. Facilitate linkage of the HKLF with Respiratory or related institutes in Mainland China.

Administration of the Scholarship Programme
  1. The Scholarship programme should facilitate the applicant to attach to a Respiratory Institute or Unit in Hong Kong for a period of 2 to 6 months.
  2. The Fellowship application will be processed only after receiving a completed application.
  3. The successful awardee will be offered:
    1. A Certificate of Hong Kong Lung Foundation Scholarship.
    2. A grant of between HKD 5,000 to 10,000 at the discretion of the Selection Panel.
    3. Introductory information about the Hong Kong Lung Foundation.

Eligible Criteria

The application should be:
  1. A Registered doctor actively participating in Respiratory Medicine or Related Specialty in China for at least 6 years.
  2. The Applicant should be below 45 years of age at the time of application.
  3. The Applicant should be supported by his supervisor in writing.
  4. The Applicant should have basic understanding of spoken and written Medical English.
  5. The Applicant needs to show evidence that he or she will return to his Parent Unit in China to continue his/her work after his attachment in Hong Kong.
  6. The Applicant should obtain in written form:
    1. Acceptance in principle from a Respiratory Institute or Unit in Hong Kong at the time of submission of Application.
    2. Reference from at least one member of the Hong Kong Lung Foundation, Hong Kong Thoracic Society or CHEST Delegation Hong Kong and Macau.
  7. The Applicant can elect to undertake Clinical Attachment or Respiratory Research Projects in Hong Kong.
  8. The Application needs to submit the application in a pre-designed format,
    1. the purpose and details of the application,
    2. the potential benefits to his or her Parent Unit after the completion of the Academic Exchange.
  9. The applicant agrees to produce a report to the Hong Kong Lung Foundation at 6-12 months after his or her return to the Parent Unit, on how the programme facilitates his or her Specialty Development, or make a verbal presentation in one of the Scientific Meetings of the Hong Kong Thoracic Society / CHEST Delegation Hong Kong and Macau.
  10. The Applicant should acknowledge that the Decision by the HKLF on the application be the Final Decision.

  1. The Selection Panel may assign any member to conduct a telephone interview with the Candidate if considered necessary.
  1. The Applicant should ensure that he or she is able to get the necessary Hong Kong Entry Permit and Accommodation in Hong Kong. HKLF will not be able to facilitate the Immigration process besides providing the letter of acceptance.
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