Application and form
The fellowship is open to medical practitioners, allied health professionals, scientists, students and others for travelling aboard to engage in research, study and training in order to gain experience in modern methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. Please note that priority will be given to active members of the Hong Kong Thoracic Society.

Hong Kong Lung Foundation Fellowship which opens its application twice a year in June and December. Applicants should submit the application forms to the Hon Secretary of the Hong Kong Lung Foundation not later than 30th June and 31st December of each year. Details of application please refer to the Hong Kong Lung Foundation Fellowship regulation.

The Hong Kong Lung Foundation Fellowship has three types of Awards as specified below:
  1. Open to members of the medical profession granting a sum up to HK$120,000.
  2. Open to members of the nursing / paramedical profession granting a sum up to HK$80,000.
  3. Open to all members of the medical, nursing and paramedical profession granting a sum up to HK$50,000 for attending conference or short training course of 3 months or less.
For the detail requirement for applying category A, B and C, please refer to Hong Kong Lung Foundation Fellowship regulation.

The selection board will determine the amount to be granted based on the following:
  1. Length of membership with the HKTS. (preferably > 1 year)
  2. Participation in the activities of the 2 chest societies. (including presentation in scientific meeting of AGM)
  3. Worth of training.
  4. Period of training.
  5. Performance during interview including aspects such as clinical competence, scholarship, leadership, etc.
The successful applicant, on completion of his/her training/study/attending conference,
  1. Category A is expected to return and serve in public institutes/departments in Hong Kong for a period of not less than 9 months for Fellowship C and not less than 18 months for Fellowships a and b. In the event of default, the candidate is required to return the Fellowship award in full as though it was awarded to him/her as an interest-free loan.
    Category B is expected to assist the Foundation in serving the local community through participation in public health education and other related activities.
  2. For fellowships A and B - attending overseas training or attachment. On return from the training, the Fellow will be required to
    1. submit a written report (including financial statements) on the training received to the Foundation within 3 months of return; and
    2. make a presentation (30 mins) at the regular HKTS/ACCP clinical meeting within 6 months of return; and
    3. submit an editorial/review article on a subject of his/her training to the HKTS/ACCP Newsletter within 6 months of return.
  3. For fellowship C applying funding for attending a conference, the fellow should submit a short written report to the Foundation within 1 month of return.
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