Hong Kong Lung Foundation has been established in Hong Kong since 12 March 1996. Hong Kong Lung Foundation is a charitable body in Hong Kong devoted to the promotion of health and better understanding and care of diseases of the lung. The Foundation welcomes and appreciates any individuals and organizations that share her missions to make donations to support her activities. Potential donors please contact Honorary Secretary of Hong Kong Lung Foundation (Dr. Loletta So, Department of Medicine, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, 3 Lok Man Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong, soky@ha.org.hk) for details.

#Hashtag Hong Kong Interview - RTHK 3
Dr. James Ho - 29 May 2022

Recent Events
  1. Smoke-free Publicity Programme “Tobacco Endgame: Zero Hazard. Smoke-free Generation” for World No Tobacco Day 24 May 2022(NEW)
  2. 慢阻肺病知多啲 May 2022(NEW)
  3. In Loving Memory of Professor Lam Wah Kit 2022(NEW)
  4. HKLF-Dr. Tse Yuen Man Memorial Scholarship Record 2004 - 2021
  5. HKLF-Dr. Tse Yuen Man Memorial Scholarship 2021
  6. Autumn Respiratory Seminar 28 November 2021
  7. Press Conference on E-cigarettes 29 November 2020
  8. Autumn Respiratory Seminar 7 November 2020
  9. World Lung Day 25 September 2020
  10. 广东省呼吸医师年会暨粤港澳呼吸医师论坛 13 October 2019
  11. World No Tobacco Day 2019 - Media sharing on 30 May 2019
  12. In Support of A TOTAL BAN on E-cigarettes and Heat-not-burn Tobacco Products 27 March 2019
  13. Annual Scientific Meeting 24 March 2019
  14. HKLF Dinner Gathering 23 March 2019
  15. The Inaugural HKLF-Donald Yu Lecture 22 - 24 March 2019
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